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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Answer Your Phone

There was a man who was not feeling well. 

But, he showed no outside symptoms.  No rashes.  No coughing.  No change in his complexion.  From anyone else's perspective he was doing just fine. 

But, he was not fine.

His stomach ached constantly.  He had sharp pains shooting down his leg periodically.  And, he was always reaching for aspirin to control the headaches he experienced each morning. 

He knew he was not fine.

But, he managed the pain level on most days and went on with life.  No reason to complain anyway and announce his ailments.

But, there came a day when managing the pain became a losing battle.  It went beyond what the over-the-counter medicines could take care of. 

He realized he could no longer help himself. 

So, he cried out to God.  And, God met him where he was at.  The man was comforted and the pain lifted. 

But, the man was not yet healed.  He went on struggling in great pain.

So, he cried out to God again.  And, God met him and lifted his pain.

But, the man was still not completely healed. 

So, he cried out to God again.  "God, why will You not just heal me completely when I come to you?"

At that moment, the man's phone rang.  It was his brother. 

"My son,"  God said, "It is my desire to heal you.  Heal you completely.  But, not in your isolation.     Answer your phone."

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