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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

"Nobody puts Baby in a corner."

A classic line from what has become a classic American movie.  Dirty Dancing swept us off our feet in 1987.  It's a coming of age film of teenager, 'Baby', who enters a taboo relationship (that she hides from her father), with the dance instructor, Johnny, at a vacationing resort. 

This line comes at the climax of the film when Johnny declares it over Baby, rebuking the resort's choice of seating for her in the corner of the room, and taking her hand as an invite to dance the final dance of the season with him on stage. 

The line summarizes it all.  You don't put what should be shining, in the shadows of a dark corner. 


That's God's motto, too. 

His placement of the stars was not in the dark caves of a mountain or underneath a rock.  His placement was in the open spaces of the universe for all to see.  He unashamedly hung them and even went a step further to personalize them and gave them each a name. 

And, He treats us with the same dignity and adoration.  He is unashamed to call us His children.  He is not ashamed to say, "I love you and you are my bright shining star."  He is full of Love for us -- every inch of us.  And, He is proud to be our Daddy.

And, if ANYONE places what should be shining in the shadows of a dark corner, He will, without hesitation, take their hand and pull them out -- announcing to all...

"Nobody puts Baby in a corner."

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