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Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Family

FAMILY:  Learning how to combine spaghetti, jello, spinach and applesauce
and somehow make it delicious.

A Family knows that arguments do not mean you love each other any less.

A Family continues to hold each other up -- long after everyone else has given up on them. 

A Family knows the power of their words.  They use them to strengthen, not to hurt or manipulate each other.

A Family isn't perfect and doesn't expect each other to be.

A Family replaces the toilet paper roll when it's empty.  They have a 'we', not 'me' mentality.

A Family forgives.  They know the next time around they will be the one saying sorry.

A Family realizes that some disagreements aren't worth losing a relationship over.

A Family realizes that it's better to share your heart than to live as a stranger in your own home.

A Family doesn't bring their 'dirty laundry' to the office.

A Family are each other's 'First Responders'.

A Family knows their boundaries -- and respects them.

A Family sometimes needs to learn the difference between 'support' and 'enabling'.

A Family may change through the years.  But, they never stop being...

A Family   

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