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Thursday, November 10, 2011

No Artificial Flavors, Colors, Additives or Preservatives

Many people are going natural.

We're checking labels.  We're re-thinking the things we are buying, consuming, and giving our children.  We're getting informed.  We're finding out the effects of processed foods.  We're looking at the benefits of organic living.  Health gurus have been screaming it for years, and now many of us are wanting more and more to just go back to what is natural, untainted, unprocessed, and not manipulated by man.  We want the good stuff -- straight up.


Many people are going Natural.
We've grown tired of the 'Processed Food'.  We are re-thinking our Consumption.  We're feeling the effects of the Additives and Artificial Flavors and Colors that have manipulated and have hid the Organic Nutrition that our hearts have been yearning for and were intended to have.  We don't want what is fake and not real anymore, but rather the All Natural, Untainted, Unprocessed Love of God.  We want the Good Stuff -- straight up.

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