Tune in 24/7


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Open 24/7

Can you imagine having limited access to the things around your home? 

Your refrigerator.  Your bathroom.  Your bed.  How absurd it would be to say you can only use them for say 2 hours once a week.  Things you need on a daily basis -- even on an hourly basis!  Our body requires more than just a weekly replenishing.

Thankfully, our Father understands that our heart needs more than just occasional nourishment.  And, He's made a way for us to have 24/7 access to make sure those needs are met.  We can come anytime.  How?  Because, the Curtain's been ripped!  The curtain that hung in the temple was torn from top to bottom that Great and Glorious Day.  It announced to all that all can come and come freely!  Our needs don't have to be put on hold 'til Sunday.  We don't have to tell our hunger to wait, our fatigue to hang on, or our sorrows to linger.  His provision is accessible.  Even now.

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