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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Help Me Stand

I think one of the funniest scenes to watch is two people trying to walk on a slippery surface together. Neither one has a sure footing, and the natural instinct is to grab for the nearest thing or person next to them for stability and balance. But, the other person is in the same boat. So, the comedy continues as they both slip and slide, grabbing on to whatever parts of each other's bodies their hands land on. Usually the climax of the skit is a dramatic tumbling and twisting of both people as they collapse inward on each other. Neither one found valid help. Neither one could offer any.

Funny when played out on shows like America's Funniest Home Video (AFV). But, not so hilarious when played out in real life relationships. Neither person is stable. Neither can offer much valid help. But, both still grab for each other as they spiral downward.

What's needed is a third party intervention -- someone who is not walking on the 'slippery surface' themselves. Someone who's footing is sure and can reach out to offer proper aid that will result in both people finding their stability again. Maybe it's someone who's been there themselves and knows just where they're coming from.

The question is though: Are the ones who are struggling willing to reach out for help?

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