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Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Than A Paperclip

This weekend our family went on a hunt to replace some things in our kitchen.  My husband and I dragged ourselves and our kids on a focused mission.  We wanted to get in, get out, get home, be done.  But, to our dismay, we could not find what we were looking for.  Four stores and four hours later we came home with only one thing on the list.  I have to say, on any normal day, I would have been very irritated.  What a waste of a day.  To me, a good day is a productive day.  But, something happened in my heart on this 4 hour misson. 

I enjoyed the process. 

It became an afternoon of talking to my best friend and children.  Laughing.  Snacking.  Joking.  Singing.  Building a sense of camaraderie as we made decisions and choices together in the stores.  I got to experience... the present.  The gift of the here and now.  I got to experience... the moment.

Back when I used to do more office work, I had someone tell me, "Ya know, Valerie, life isn't about paperclips."  I didn't get it at the time.  I was task oriented.  It was all about checking off my to-do list and if I happened to interact with others in the process or change as a person, then that was fine.  But, the paperclip was the focus.

But, this weekend, I got it.  I genuinely understood that life isn't just about getting things accomplished.  It's so much more than that.   It's about enjoying each other on the road to that accomplishment.  It's about laughing and growing and gelling relationships as you go.  It's about discovering who you are and the One who made you. 

It's a journey.  It's moments.  Not just checkmarks in the day planner.

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