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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mustard On The Face

If you walked around ignorantly with mustard on your face from your hot dog or spinach in your teeth from your salad, you'd probably hope that someone would be brave enough to give you the heads up about your appearance.  How embarrassing to discover it on your own hours later after you've interacted with dozens of people!  One of the first words out of your mouth might be, "Why didn't anybody tell me?"  Maybe they wanted to, but didn't feel comfortable enough with you to be so honest.  It was easier to say nothing, than to create an awkward moment.

Honesty is one of the most scary words in the dictionary for many of us.  It can be hard to be honest with ourselves, and can be difficult to be honest with each other.  But, when honesty is coupled with Love and Second Chances, it goes from being scary to liberating. 

Our Father approaches us with just such honesty.  He sees the mustard.  He sees the spinach.  And, He's not afraid to point it out -- because He cares about us.  He'd rather speak the Truth than leave us in the dark about the reality.  Wonderfully, though, He doesn't point it out to condemn us or beat us up about it.  He points it out, so we can be free from it.  He's able to be honest because He also provides a solution/answer....Himself.

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