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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Where Am I Looking?

I've noticed a common theme in life.

Back when I used to play softball as a kid, they would tell me, "Keep your eyes on the ball."  So I did.  I was a better player as a result.

When I go bowling, I'm told to focus my eyes on where I want the ball to roll.  So I do.  The poor pins don't like it, but I smile as I see my score increase.

When I learned to drive, they were careful to remind me to keep my eyes on the road.  "Your car will follow your eyes, so stay focused," they told me.  I've taken their advice and now have a better driving record to brag about.

Common theme:   It matters where I fix my eyes.

Peter, our New Testament friend, would know just what I'm talking about.  He had distraction issues as He stepped into the impossible... walking on the water toward His Lord.  When his eyes were fixed on Him, the impossible turned possible. 

But, oh the waves!  Oh the chaos around him!  And, there went his focus --away from the Savior and onto the problem.  Onto his situation.  Onto himself.   And, down he began to sink.

Peter reminds me of the common theme and makes me ask myself...

 Where am I fixing my eyes?

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