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Friday, February 25, 2011

Everyone But Me

"He talks to everyone but me."

It might seem that way.  Other people seem to constantly have something new they heard Him say.  Wonderful for them.  But, not for you.  Is it because they are better than you?  More spiritual?  Or the famous lie:  'He just doesn't love or favor you as much.' 

There's a perspective change that needs to happen.  It's not that He's not talking.  It's that we aren't tuning in.  If you think about your favorite radio station, it never stops broadcasting.  It sings and speaks whether you tune in or not.  But, when you do tune in, it's a constant flow of back to back hits that you enjoy and get lost in.

But, here's the other thing.  We need to ask Him to soften us.  He could be screaming at the top of his lungs, but a stoney heart may not hear a word.  The more He washes the eyes and ears of our heart, the more we'll see Him, hear Him.  The softer we are toward Him, the quicker we'll catch His constant "I love you!"s throughout our day.  But, remember, we can't change our own hearts.  We need Him to change us.  It always comes back to that.

So, don't believe a word of the enemy's lies.  Your Father never stops singing over you.

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