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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Out With The Bad

Detoxing is tough but necessary. Whether it's drugs, or food, or alcohol, the first step toward wellness is to get rid of the thing that is waging war against you. We usually only think of the body when we think about detoxing, but many of us need a spiritual detox, too.  

So many of us have ingested polluted or poisoned teaching. We've listened to spiritual ideas that are laced with Religion. The preachers/priests who fed us may have used the Bible, but they imposed their own ideas and twisted the scriptures to defend those ideas. They took scripture out of context or completely removed certain scriptures that didn't support their teaching. They preached a different kind of gospel that is not Spirit led, accurate, or even remotely close to God's Heart. They filled our cups with bad water and told us to drink it. They baked up their own concoctions and told us to eat it. This has left them feeling spiritually superior, and us sick to our stomachs.  

I think there is nothing that makes God more infuriated than seeing His kids poisoned. And what makes Him even more upset is when they are told this toxic food is from HIM! Can you imagine seeing someone give your kid a piece of bread that is laced with poison and they think you gave it to them? How misrepresented would you be?! Then when your kid ends up sick, they would wonder what kind of parent they really have!

Friends, many of us need to ask God, our Father, if we have ingested bad food and water. We may not even be aware of it because it's been camouflaged or we have grown used to the taste and the resulting sour stomachs.

Jesus is the Bread of LIFE. Pure, Unlaced, Bread will bring Healing and Wellness at the first bite. Fresh Water from His River will bring immediate relief to our parched lips and make us never thirst for anything else again. Good Food and Water will flush out the Toxins and bring clarity of mind. It will always satisfy and never leave us suffering. 

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