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Saturday, August 5, 2017

In Plain Sight

It's so funny playing hide and seek with a young child. You want to make it fun for them, but your goal is not to make it impossible for them to discover you. Their objective is to find you, and your objective is to be easily found. So you 'hide' yourself in plain sight. You may  stand behind a curtain with your feet showing at the bottom. You may sit on the sofa and cover your face with a pillow. You may go inside their open toybox, which is a common place for them to look for things. And if the child is having difficulty finding you, you might even give them hints. Maybe you'll start to hum underneath the curtain, or rattle a toy inside the toy box. You 'hide', but you're never really hidden. For you, it's not about hiding, it's all about being easily found.

God says, "Seek and you will find". I can't help but hear Him say it in a playful Voice, like we would to a young child when we invite them to find us in a fun game of hide and seek. But just like we would with young children, He 'hides' Himself in plain sight. He makes Himself so obvious in our day, that the more we play with Him, the easier it is for us to see Him absolutely everywhere and we begin to realize that He's not hiding Himself at all!

To name a few places...we find Him in nature as He uses everything He has created to show us His Beauty and Power, often using them as metaphors about Himself and His Kingdom. All of creation declares the glory and goodness of God. We also find Him as we talk to our sisters and brothers in the Faith. It might be their voice that we hear, but we know it is Him speaking through them. And of course, there is a go-to place where He is always found: the Bible.

'Seek and you will find' is not meant to be a complicated statement and one for us to stress ourselves over, thinking we have to strenuously look for Him. It's an invitation to simply look and see that He is right there in plain sight everywhere we go. He's saying, "If you look, you'll see me!" For Him, it is not about hiding Himself, it's about letting Himself be found.

"...Seek, and you will find..."
Matthew 7:7 NKJV

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