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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Jelly Bean Jar

You've probably seen them at carnivals or other fun public events.  A huge jar of jelly beans and a sign next to it saying, "Guess how many jelly beans are in the jar!" (If they're nice, they'll leave jelly beans in a separate bowl for you to enjoy as you guess.)

Every person looks at the same jar of jelly beans but each estimates it differently.  Some are very close, some are very far off.  Many people agree around the same number.  But, no one can really say for sure what the true number is.  Only the one who filled the jar knows that answer.

Sometimes when I think about the End Times and the Book of Revelation, I remember the jelly bean game.  Yes, there are things we absolutely know will happen.  We know for sure, for example, that Jesus is definitely coming back.  But, there are many things God does not disclose the details on.  It's like He's filled His Jar with jelly beans for all of us to see.  We all can take our perspective on it, but only the One who filled the Jar knows the answers. 

As Rich Mullins put it once, "God knows what He's talking about.  The rest of us are just guessing."

What's important to remember is that we make sure we grab a handful of jelly beans He's left for us and enjoy His Goodness as we guess.


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