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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Two Hole-in-Ones

This Father's Day, my girls and I took my husband, Bryan, to play a game of miniature golf at a place that offers two different putt-putt courses. The business was running a special for Father's Day where dads could play for free.  (Love free!)  So, we purchased our games for both courses and got started.  After the first course, though, everyone was getting a bit hungry.  So, I went in and asked the attendant if we could get a rain check on the games we purchased for the second course.  It was no problem and he handed me three free game vouchers to cover myself and my two girls, but not one for Bryan since his game was complimentary.

"Oh well," I said to my husband.  "When we come back, we'll just have to purchase a game for you."  We were thankful to get at least one free game for him.

Bryan agreed and then said, "Hey, don't forget, we get one last putt into the 18th hole.  If we get a hole-in-one we win something."

So, we all took turns at our final putts -- first the girls, then Bryan, then me.  No winner yet when it came to my turn.  I set up, focused, and swung -- but not hard enough and it rolled back at me.  I swung again.  And again it rolled back at me.

"Harder honey!" my husband cheered. 

"Go mom!"  my girls shouted.

I could see other people looking at me as they waited their turn.  They smiled as if to say, "You can do it."

(Insert Rocky Theme music)

So, I focused and..... swwuuunggg.

RRRRWWWWWWEEEEE  went the bell!

"I got it in!  Hole in One!" I shouted, as if someone had just called my name on The Price Is Right.  I jumped and danced and wanted to hug the onlookers. 

I looked over at the attendant who was smiling at me (probably laughing on the inside at me) and handed me a small white card.

I looked down and it read:  "One Free Game"

Then I looked at my husband and said, "Look honey!  We won!  You got your free game voucher after all!"


Sometimes it can be hard to watch your spouse prosper.  I think it can be a litmus test for self-focused thinking and/or our pride that wants the glory in a situation.  It can just simply be humbling for some.  Feelings of jealousy and a competitive spirit might rise up in us.  The easy, fleshly response might be to downplay their achievements, winnings, creativity, success, etc.  Or, we might become discouraged with ourselves as we compare.

But, we must remember that we are tied together in this life with our spouse.  When they fall, we fall.  When they rise, we rise.

As in the case of my hole-in-one.  I won the game by making the shot.  But, Bryan and I quickly realized that because I won -- he won, too!


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