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Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Boat, The River, and The Guide

He lead me to a small quiet river.  A boat was waiting for us.

"Climb in." He said gently.  "So glad you chose to join Me.  The river will carry you Home and I promise to never leave the boat.  Choose to stay in the boat with Me.  It is your place of safety."

His eyes were sincere, blue and clear.  It could see for miles into them -- like clear, deep waters.

"Stay in the center." He warned. 

I looked over the side of the boat.  It seemed calm and harmless.

"Many things will want to rock your boat along the way." He cautioned. "But, they have no control over you.  I am the Master of this boat.  Remain in Me.  Do not fear the waters."

We travelled down a ways and I looked to my right.  I could see the animals from the forest hiding in the trees.

"Do not fear the animals,"  He said.  "But be wise.  Not all of them will be for your benefit.  Some will deliver words of encouragement in the form of delicious fruit.  The birds will bring them to you.  You will know they are from Me because the birds sing the Song of the Kingdom.  But beware of the bats.  They fly also but do not sing the Song.  You must discern and never take the fruit they offer."

Then I looked to my left.  There was a small cabin on the bank of the river.  I could see lights shining through the windows and a fire burning in the center of it.

"You will see structures like this up and down the river." He said.  "I have placed them there as watchman of the river.  Their Light will never go out." 

I looked up toward the sky.  To my amazement, I could see the Seasons changing.  It shifted from Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall right before my eyes.

"Why is the sky changing?"  I asked.

"The sky will never stop changing," He answered. "Seasons will come and go.  There will always be an ebb and flow.  Do not depend on the Seasons to give you your happiness.  Your Joy is found inside the boat with Me."

"Finally,"  He said, "remember this always.  I have chosen this specific boat for you.  I have chosen this specific river for you.  I have chosen this specific journey for you.  You must not become jealous when you hear of others' boats or others' rivers or others' journeys.  I have chosen what is best for you.  What matters most is that you remain in the boat with Me.  There is much I want to show you as we ride together.  There is much I want to tell you about Myself.  I am eager for you to get to know Me.  I have been planning our trip together before the beginning of time.  I am excited to show you who you really are and who I really Am."

And with that, the boat picked up speed and we were carried off down the river together.

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