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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Flour, Fish and Fellowship

I love being in the kitchen with my children.  They especially love to make fried fish with me.  They love how hands on and messy it is.  And they love the idea of helping make something happen that has delicious results. 

I have to be honest about it though.  See, the truth is, I don't need their strength or talent.  I'd get it done a lot faster if I just did it on my own.  But, I purposefully decide to include them so I can have time with them, show them what I'm doing, and let them be a part of the process.  I delight in making the meal happen with them.  I love their fellowship.  I love their joy in it.  I'm not concerned about how long it will take.  I'm simply wrapped up in the moment I have with them. 

This is our Father's heart as He includes us in His plans.  What a love-sick God He is!  More than anything in the world, He wants a relationship with His children. (Just as we want so much to have relationship with our children!)  He doesn't view us as objects to use.  He sees us as His little wonders -- His children who have wills of their own and have the right to decide if they want to be with Him.  His primary objective is to have a relationship with us.  But, what's amazing is that as He has relationship with us, His plans are accomplished.

He invites us into His Kitchen and lets us stand on His chair so we can see what He has prepared for us to do.  He doesn't then leave the kitchen and ask us to figure out what to do with the ingredients and handle the hot stove.  No way!  He has prepped the Kitchen so that we can make the meal with him. 

So, we play in the flour and flip the fish around.  (What fun it is to help Daddy!)  And all the while He keeps His hand over our hand and lifts the fish with us.  It's His strong Hand that carries the burden of the job.  But, more than just 'getting the job done', the Father is relishing the moment with us.  He can't take His eyes off of us.  How thrilled He is that we would even want to join Him in the Kitchen.  How delighted He is to fellowship with us!  This is the reason He has prepped the Kitchen -- that we might join Him, love Him and fellowship with Him as He accomplishes His purposes!

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