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Monday, May 13, 2013

Some Direction, Please

I can remember how disoriented I was.

The CPR class I was taking was being held in a cabin-like building located in a wooded area.  It was daylight when I got to the class and walked through the dirt path from the parking lot, but it was pitch black when I left.  I started out in the direction I thought I was supposed to go, but suddenly I realized that I was slowly getting disoriented.  I started to question my surroundings as I tried hard to determine where I was and if I was even headed in the right direction.  Determined and relaxed, at first, I squinted through the darkness to gain my bearings.  I looked back at the cabin and then back into the forest.

"Did I come from this direction or this direction," I said to myself, as I looked east and then west.  I walked a bit further, then turned and walked a bit more.  I was getting no where and no one else was around.  Panic began to set in like a growing ache. 

I looked back again toward the cabin, but there was darkness behind me now, too.  This was not looking good for me. 

"God, help." I whispered.

Not a moment later, I literally 'saw the light.'

Headlights from a parked car in the parking lot were suddenly shining through the forest trees like a lighthouse.  I've never been so happy to see a car turn on! 
God heard my prayer in my darkest, most lost hour.
God will always hear our cry for help
and He's happy to shine some light on the subject. :)



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