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Saturday, May 18, 2013

By The Handful

I remember the first time we fed the ducks.

My girls and I stood on the wooden bridge over the pond.  We held our huge bag of bread crumbs in our hands and looked down at the hungry little feathered friends below.  I remember it being a picture perfect day with not a cloud in the sky.  It was just us, the ducks, and their lunch. 

"Let's not use it all at once girls," I cautioned them.  "We want to be careful how much we give away at one time."

So, we all took a baby pinch of bread from our bags, aimed carefully, and dropped our gifts into the water.  All the ducks came swimming over as fast as they could and began to eat up.  Pinch by pinch we distributed our bread. 

But, I started to realize that it was going to take forever to feed these ducks if we continued on pinch by pinch.  So, I told the girls to start grabbing a half of a handful at a time.  And instead of aiming and dropping, we began to throw the bread in the air as far as we could.  We realized that our controlled drops weren't reaching the ducks that were farther away from us in the pond. 

The girls started giggling.  Tossing was much more fun than dropping.  Suddenly, our half handfuls turning into full handfuls and we were now moving from one side of the bridge to the other, throwing our bread and distributing it until it filled the whole pond and reached every hungry duck.

When we were done, we felt just as thrilled and satisfied as the ducks most likely felt.

We are Bread distributors in the Kingdom. 
We are told to go and tell the Good News. 
We are told to go and feed the people.
How do you approach your Bread distribution?
Are you a cautious and controlled/controlling server? 
Are you picky with whom you offer Bread to? 
Are you only allowing the Bread to be shared pinch by pinch?
Or, are you more childlike?
Do you distribute the Bread with Joy -- throwing it to whomever will receive it?
Do you look around your 'pond'
and make sure every 'duck' is getting what it needs?
What we have to give is not ours to just keep for ourselves.
It was freely given to us to eat and then to freely share.

And we don't have worry --
Our Bread bag will never run out of Bread Crumbs.

It's okay to share it by the handful!

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