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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Convenient Food

Restaurants have gotten smart.

Many have made their food available to their customers in a new, more convenient way. They are packaging their products and putting them right into our grocery stores. (Even as I write this, my children are eating ice cream, we purchased at the grocery store, that was made for Friendly's Restaurants.)

I'm imagining the business meeting that went on when they first made the decision to launch their products into stores. It probably went something like this:

"Look. We have a great product here. People love our food. We love our food. So, why limit the means in which it is distributed? Instead of always waiting for them to come to us, we should step out and go to them."

Smart move. So much more of their food is now being consumed and it's a win – win for both the company and the consumer.


In the Kingdom, we've got Bread that is delicious and Life giving. It is The Sustenance that we all need to live on. It is the Bread that the world is looking for.

People can find it if they go "out to eat" on Sundays. But, we realize that such Life Food should not be limited in how it is distributed.

So we go. We take our "Product" to the people. We don't wait for them to come to us.

In the end, it is a win – win. More Food is consumed and more lives are saved, changed and nourished.

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