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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Behind the Mirror

Every week, I take my two little girls to swim class. Definitely one of the highlights of the week for them! I so appreciate how the swim school has their facility set up. They made an observation room for parents to sit in. I'm able to watch my girls swim by looking through two huge glass windows that give a full view of the pool area.

They are not your average windows, though. On the parents' side is a window, but on the other side it's two huge mirrors. This way, we can see the children but the children cannot see us.

I noticed one day, while I was sitting there watching them, that part of the tinted film was coming away from the corner of the window. The film is what creates the "invisible factor" for the children. Without the film, the children would be able to see us clearly.

Just to be silly, I decided to peek through the corner of the window where the film had pulled away. Just at that moment, one of my daughters looked up and saw my face. She knew that I was always watching her, but she smiled when she saw me and was reminded that I really was there.

And, what a beautiful reminder for us.

God sees everything. Nothing is hidden from his sight. He never takes His eyes off of us. We know it. We believe it. But, how we love when He pulls back the film that creates the "invisible factor". When He shows Himself and we are able to look upon Him. Those moments when we remember that, though we cannot see Him, He is always there, always watching, always with us.

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