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Saturday, February 23, 2013

rise & SHINE

Some of the best tips I have heard about taking care of your body are all focused around the first hour of your day.

•I've heard that you should have water right next to your bed so that as soon as you wake-up, you begin refreshing your system.

•Stretch -- before you even leave the bed or your room.  My husband does this everyday and swears by it. 

•Of course, a healthy breakfast.  And, don't wait until 3 hours into your day.  They call it break-fast for a reason.  Let your body know that it's not fasting anymore and it's time to get its game on.  (Though, I did hear that if you are a late-night eater, your system will probably not want anything right away because it's still processing, so beware. ;)

Those that start their day with wise choices, are setting themselves up for a good day.

I'm finding that it's no different when it comes to my heart.  There are days that, as soon as I wake up, I'm already anxious.  My morning is filled with a battle of the mind.  I get grumpy and short tempered.  My outlook on the day is grim.  And I definitely am not having a sunshiny morning.  Irritability and pessimism rules.

Thankfully there are wise choices I can make to combat these feelings.  I don't have to let the blues dictate my day. 

•I can begin my day with thankfulness-- recalling all the good.  It's hard to be down when my mouth is reminding me of all the reasons to turn that frown upside down.

•I can have some 'Water' ready by the bed.  Music that reminds me of God's Love is like a cool glass of water on a dry throat.  It wakes my heart to hear Him and remember how close He already is.

•Stretch.  Get my conversation with God going -- even if my prayers consist of simple one liners.  No need to be formal. 

•Breakfast.  The best days start with healthy Food choices.  I dump the trashy articles and early morning news that tells me how bad the world is.  I crack open the Bread that reminds me of all the Good that is in store for me and my day.  I eat from the King's table.  (Then, when I do catch the news, I'm ready to pray on their behalf --  not be brought down in its depression, fear and anxiety.) 

So, drink up.  Eat up.  Take charge of your Health (and your day) today!

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