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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Beautiful You

House of mirrors.
Distorted, untrue.
This is how you see yourself.
You think you need to become something new.

You hate, you judge your very being.
You wish yourself away.
You cry at night and wonder why your God would make you this way?

But, it is not the you that must be changed -- the reflection speaks great lies.
Your enemy wants to push you down. He wants you to never realize

that you are the Dreamer's dream, the Creator's creation, indeed.
A masterpiece, a work of art, you pull the strings on His great big Heart!

He looks inside.  There's nothing hidden.  He sees what you can not.
He loves your heart, He loves your soul, He loves you to the deepest part.

So, let Him change the way you see yourself.
You've been under this for way too long.
He'd never hurt you or lead you to any sort of wrong.

And, if You would receive His love, and hear His Voice today,
You'd know for sure, with all your heart, that you are beautiful in every way.


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