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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Journey To The Top

I know a man who was swallowed by the sea. 

He was pushed down, then pulled down, tied to a large weight and dragged to the bottom of the ocean.  And, there he stayed.  Though not dead.  No!  Not dead.  Just as one who fell into a deep sleep.  And, there he stayed... There he stayed... There he stayed in the deep, deep darkness.

Then, like a ray of light, the VOICE pierced its way through the darkness, through the deepest parts of the ocean, until it reached the ears of the man.

The man began to stir. 

At first, he could not move.  He could only hear the sounds around him.  The sea life, the water, the Voice (though he did not identify it as the Voice).  Questions filled his mind.  "Where am I?  Who am I?  How did I get here?"

His eyes began to move.  His hand began to stretch open.  His body felt the ocean floor. 

"This is not where I should be," the man said to himself.  Lifting his head, he looked up and said, "I must not stay here or I will surely die."

With that thought, his fingers began to search for something to help him up.  Still not understanding and not knowing his way, he began to grab for things that were harmful to him.  He touched and let go, grabbed and jerked back.  It was hard for the man to know right from wrong in such darkness.

And, then came a great trembling. 

A mighty one from beneath his feet.  An earthquake of the greatest kind.  All that could be stirred, was stirred.  All that could be awakened, awoke. 

The man was suddenly carried by a giant surge.  The only thing for him to do was let go and let himself be taken in and up.  He swirled as if he were being washed in a machine.  He no longer knew which way was up.  He could only trust the wave as it took control.

And, then, as if he were being born again from his mother's womb -- he emerged.

His first breath was the deepest -- a gasp as if he had been raised from the dead.

His eyes opened.  Had he been blind?  Everything looked so new, so different.

His ears.  Had he been deaf?  All was alive and singing a song of its own!

"My God!" the man exclaimed, as he looked around and to heaven. "You have saved a wretched man from the deepest of seas!  I was surely swallowed.  I was near dead.  But, today I see clearly.  Today, I am alive!"


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