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Friday, February 8, 2013

Little Red Balloon

Third Grade.  That's when I remembering releasing my little red balloon.

It was an all-school activity.  Everyone received a balloon and self-addressed postcard.  We wrote our notes, signed our names and tied the postcards to our balloons.  Then, we all stood in the school parking lot and looked heavenward.  On the count of three, we released our balloons all together.  Hundreds of them. What a beautiful, wonderful sight!  We stood there looking until we could no longer see even one balloon. 

Then, the hope and the waiting began. 

The goal was see to if any of our balloons would be found.  The postcard attached asked the finder to please write down where they found the balloon and then please respond by mailing the postcard back to the launcher.

So many variables involved.  Would the balloon find its way to someone?  And, if it did, would the receiver be willing to participate?  All we could do was hope.


Some of us feel this way when we pray. 

We look heavenward with our little notes in our hands and hope in hearts and release our heart cries upward.  Unsure about the whole process, all we can do is hope -- hope that our little prayers are going to land in capable Hands and that the One who reads our postcard will be kind enough and care enough to participate.  We want to believe that we will get a response.

And, this is the comfort we can have:

God loves balloon launches!

Yes, sir.  Yes ma'am.  In fact, He looks for them!  He sees them before you even release them to Him.  His arms are stretched out and ready to catch every balloon we send.  He's delighted to catch them, thrilled to participate, and willing and able to respond. 

So take heart.  Your little red balloon is in safe Hands.


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