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Monday, June 18, 2012

What's In YOUR Wallet?

We keep in our wallets what's most important to us.  Our money.  Our credit cards.  Pictures of our precious loved ones and pets.  Though a wallet may be small, it represents alot.  It represents what is personal and what takes priority in our lives.  It represents -- our self.

What if our hearts had a wallet? 
What if we were able to pull out a representation of who we are on the inside? 

What would we find?  Would we find pictures of ourselves -- representing our self-focus?  Would our Identification Cards be a picture of the things we own or the things we have accomplished -- because we find our identity in our possessions or things we have done?  Would our ID's address be earth's or Heaven's?  And, would we realize that our debt on those credit cards we carry around with us have been completely paid for -- that all is Forgiven -- we are no longer in debt!

What's in YOUR wallet?

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