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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Thought of the Day VII

If M&M's, Jelly Beans, and Crayons
can work out their racial differences,
so can we.

I only hate you
because I don't like myself.

Hold the onions. Mayo on the side. Lightly toasted -- but remove all the seeds.
2 squirts of mustard or I'll send it back.
And, please no toothpick or I'll sue you if I hurt myself on it.
Otherwise, I'm completely easy to please.

After 4 years of therapy,
I'm finally able to admit it.
I'm human.

I used to be HAPPY AS A CLAM.
Now, I'm just clammed up.

Some dogs get hurt and never whine.
But, they're still hurt.

Strong silent type?
or just stubborn and closed up?

A person's weight does not define them.
But, it is wise for a person to define a good weight for themself.

Marriage. Carriage.
in that order

I'm Not A Liar!
I just don't believe in disclosing the facts.

I'm not interested in whether it's right.
I'm interested in just always being right.

Or your seat will not be saved.

Waiting on God
is like waiting for a pie to bake.
Timing is everything.

When you die, the inheritance you leave
is more than just your possessions.

Take time to
stop and smell the roses...
and thank the One that made them grow.

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