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Friday, June 1, 2012

Thought of the Day VI

Finding Love is one thing.  Letting Love in is another.

Your vulnerability
gave me permission to cry.
thank you.

When we cry, God catches our tears
and uses them to make a RAINBOW.

You can't play hide and seek with God.
He always knows where you are.

It's okay to Laugh!! ;0)
try it.

If you don't stop gossiping,
I'm going to start talking about you!

I don't mean to brag,
but my DADDY is the CEO
of everything.

Earth is our Womb. Heaven is our Home.

Wish upon a star
Or, even better... just ask the One who made that star.

a TREE is only as healthy as the water it drinks

Kites can only fly
when they position themselves with the Wind.

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