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Thursday, June 14, 2012


Its health and success are based on it....its environment.  You may have the perfect seed.  But, it will go nowhere if not given a safe place to grow.

Same goes with our marriages.  Couples who create safe environments for each other to communicate and be themselves are more likely to have a successful marriage.  How much harder it is when what they call 'home' is filled with criticism, walls, and unspoken bitterness.  How can their love grow in such soil?

Children.  They are filled to the brim with potential, talents and gifts yet to be unwrapped.  But, children, more than even us adults, are ultra sensitive to whether their environment is safe or not.  If security is lacking, they will focus more on surviving than letting their petals open and their beauty unfold.

My question for you today is...  are you cultivating your garden?  If you are married, what environment are allowing to fill your home?  If you have children, are you helping them feel safe?  Are you giving them a secure place to blossom? 

You have a choice in this.

It's something that I've recently discovered for myself.  Words, tone, and volume change the environment in my home.  I didn't realize how much power I have as a wife and mom to set the environment in my house and in my marriage.  I have a choice whether I set a positive or a negative vibe.  But, I also realized that the only way for me to set a genuine tone of love and acceptance and safety in my home is to first ask God to be the Center and the Peace of my life.  If I have no peace, how can I give it?  If I am not centered in His Love, how can I share it?  If I feel judged, how can I possibly share forgiveness and mercy? 

We love because He first loved us.

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