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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Testing, Testing...me, me, me

Being a parent is such a demanding job.  There's no place to clock out.  There's no bell that rings that dismisses you.  There's no leaving your job site to go home.  Rewarding?  Absolutely.  Trade it for the world?  No way!  Easy to find balance?  Not for me. 

I wanted to list here all the things that I personally want to remember as I journey through parenthood.  It's not that I don't know, I just lose sight of them.  Writing things down helps make them concrete for me.  (Which is probably why I like to blog.  I'm telling myself more than I'm telling anyone else! ;)

1)  Since I've become a parent, has everything else in my life stopped? 

2)  Have I talked to my husband today? (I mean more than just about bill paying and school work.)

3)  Have I done something today that I, personally, enjoy doing -- even if it does not involve the kids?

4)  When's the last time I bought something for myself?

5) When's the last time I sat down?  No, not to complete something on my to-do list -- just sit.

6) When's the last time I shared my heart with a friend?

7)  When's the last time I spent time with God?

8)  Am I teaching my children to be helpers? (which will eventually lighten my load!)

9)  Am I trying to be the hero?  Am I willing to let others help?

10) Have I enjoyed my children today?  Have I enjoyed my husband?  Am I seizing moments to take it all in and thank God for it all?

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