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Monday, August 1, 2011

JUST MARRIED (10 yrs. ago) part 4

10.  Let's talk about...  well, you know...

Sex.  The media and the entertainment world have no problem talking about it, advertising with it, and perverting it.  It should be something that we're able to talk about with our spouse.  But, for some  reason, it feels almost taboo for some married couples to actually talk about their sex life together.  Or, maybe there's never a perfect moment or best way to open up the discussion.  A great way to start might be to just discuss the idea of discussing.  Sounds weird, I know.  But, the only way to talk about it is to purpose to talk about it. 

11.  Oh, I'm sorry.  I forgot.  You're human.

I have come to realize that I expect alot from my husband.  So much so, that I sometimes don't allow him the room to be human.  I'm quick to get frustrated with him and slow to be gracious with his weaknesses.  I start to look more at what he's not doing to meet my needs instead of focusing on all he does do to enrich my life.   He's human.  And, no one is perfect.  He needs as much grace as I do.

12.  If you want him to lead.  Let him.

I told my husband once that I really needed him to take the lead in this certain area of our marriage.  His response was very positive.  "Sure," he said, "but don't give me a hard time if it's not done to your preference."  hummm...  good point.  I wanted him to lead, but only if he did it my way.  Letting him lead means just that.  Letting him.

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