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Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm watching you...

An interesting fact in training your Labrador.  We read in our dog training book that everything we do with our dog teaches him something.  So, even when we are not necessarily trying to train him, we are.

I believe the same thing is true with our children.  I might not want to teach them to lie, but if they see me lie, I have taught them that in some way I'm OK with the idea of lying.  Same thing with cheating, talking bad about people, being disrespectful to authority, etc.  Their eyes and ears are more tuned in than I even know.  And, even beyond their conscious learning, they are absorbing.  I've heard them say things verbatim that I have said at some point in time.  I hear myself come out of their mouths.

Knowing this makes me even more aware of who I am and what I do and say on a daily basis.

I think, often times, the strongest motivation in life to do what is right is based on your audience.

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