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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Taking Advantage

Billy ran his own yard service. One day, he received a phone call from a family friend. 

Fully aware that this was Billy's livelihood, he said, "I'd like you to come and do some landscaping in my yard this weekend."

Being that it was a family friend and brother in the Lord, he set aside some of his other work-related projects that he knew would bring in good money for him and his family, and accepted the job from the friend. Billy wanted to show him favor and make this job a priority. 

So, Saturday came and Billy went out to do the landscaping work. He worked hard in the hot noon day sun. He gave his friend the best service he could offer. 

When evening arrived and it was time for the friend to pay for the landscaping service, he came out of the house with his wallet in his hand. The friend was aware of the landscaper's rate and knew how much the job was worth.  But the man said in his heart, "I know this is a Christian brother. And though I have the money to give him for his labor, I will see what I can do to get him to bring his price down. After all, he is a brother in the Lord and isn't that what brothers should do for me?"

 So, the friend opened his wallet in front of the landscaper and sighed. 

"How much do I owe you, again?"  the friend said innocently. 

"Just as we agreed upon over the phone-- one hundred dollars." the landscaper said as he wiped his sweaty brow and sat down on the step fully exhausted. 

"Oh, dear. It seems I only have sixty dollars." the friend mumbled. Then he allowed an uncomfortable silence between the two of them, hoping that this would pressure Billy to cave-in on his price and only charge him sixty dollars. 

"My friend," Billy said, "we agreed to one hundred dollars. Why would you ask me to accommodate you and spend a whole day working hard for you and then not be prepared to pay what is right?"

When the friend realized that he was not going to successfully deceive and take advantage of his Christian brother, his face turned red. 

"You are right, brother," the friend said, now feeling embarrassed.  And he ran into the house and grab the extra forty dollars. 

"Here you are," the friend said, handing him the agreed upon price. "Your labor is worth your wages."

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