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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thought of the Day II

Push me,
 and I'll never move. 
Inspire me,
 and you'll never stop me.

Anger is a fire that must be addressed
or it will burn you from the inside out.

Running after money
only makes you
exhausted and never satisfied.

Overly obsessing over your body is as sensible as
overly obsessing over a flower that will perish tomorrow.

Keeping your cool in a heated conversation
is a gift to yourself -- and the other party.

Not taking care of yourself
 is a disservice to the ones that love you.

Not dealing with your issues
 is like having rotten produce in your house
and refusing to empty the trash.

You're never alone in what you're going through.
You're special, but not exclusive to any trial.

Thank you's are always remembered.  Whether they were given -- or not.

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