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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Factory Workers

A team of factory workers were invited to do a great and exciting job.  There was only one problem.  Though each one was skilled in his own area, no one seemed to know where to begin with this great and exciting job.  They arrived each day ready to work, but spent most of their time asking each other what exactly they should be doing to move their project forward.  This created much frustration among the workers.  Frustration with themselves.  Frustration with the task.  And, especially, frustration with each other.  Though, none of them wanted to give up, they began to grumble and question why they were even asked to come to the factory in the first place.

One day, the Owner and Visionary of the factory came for a visit.  Seeing that the workers were not working and sitting idly at their stations, He called them all together to address them. 

"What are you doing fellow workers?  Why are you not working together to complete our great and exciting job?" the Owner asked.

The workers looked at him and then looked at each other.

"We do not know what we are supposed to do, Sir." they said.  "We each are skilled in our own areas, but we do not know where to begin to accomplish this great and exciting job."

The Owner shook His head and sighed. 

Then with loving eyes, He looked at the workers and pulled out a piece of paper from His pocket. 

"I have here in my hand a copy of the invitation that was sent to each of you.  From what I can see, you all have only read the first part of my invitation.  Let me read for you the rest of it...

"When you arrive each day at the factory,
 report immediately to the center hall.
In the center of the center hall
you will find a red telephone.
This is a direct line to my office.
When you pick it up,
I will already be waiting on the other end.
My voice will come through over the speaker system.
You will then see a large screen descend from the ceiling. 
As you look up, you will find that I have already laid out
the plans for your day. 
Read them carefully and go and do as I say.
This is how I will unfold my Vision
for our great and exciting job."

"My fellow co-workers," the Owner said, as He looked into the eyes of each worker, "Vision is not found horizontally amongst yourselves, but rather vertically when you Seek and Look Up."

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