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Thursday, October 6, 2011

So Long For Now

My Grammy.  I wish I could introduce her.  She was one of kind, for sure.  Spirited.  Ornery at times.  Bold, yet tenderhearted.  My mind is still filled with child-hood memories...

Her Food
She used to make warm fresh baked bread.  No bread machine -- the old fashion way.  I remember her Polish cooking and big strong hands that I would watch her kneed the bread and stir her pots with.  I can still hear her ask her daily survey of who wanted an egg for breakfast.  No one went hungry at Grammy's house.

Her Face
I remember her denture-filled smile and subtle humor and sarcasm that made her so intriguing to me as a child.  I could see that rascal behind those brown eyes of hers. 

Her Care
I remember Vicks being put on my chest in the middle of the night when I was sick, and second and third 'tuck ins' while I slept to make sure I didn't catch a draft and get cold.  She loved me as her own.  She loved us all as her own.  Even into my college years, I received letters from her -- still caring for me even then.

Her Fun
I remember bus rides on Thursdays to the town square.  She'd buy us Wendy's cheeseburgers and Cabbage Patch clothes from the vendors.  I remember the bountiful candy on her refrigerator door that we would invade at every visit.  She had enough sweets to fill Candy Land, but insisted she was 'not a big sweet eater'.  Whatever Grammy! 

Her Love Song
I remember her saying I love you and singing..."I love you, a bushel and a peck, a bushel and peck, though you make my life a wreck.  Ya betcha little life I do..."  She wouldn't say she had a great singing voice, but that never stopped her from expressing her love.

Her Departure
She was 94 when she moved away.  She did it Grammy-style.  No fuss.  No scene.  Don't-you-worry-about-me-I'm-fine kind of exit.  She's in a new Home now where I'm sure she can cook up all her favorite dishes everyday and feed it to her neighbors.  A place where she can sit and knit to her heart's content.  A home she will never have to clean.  A Depression Era she'll never have to live through.  A better Place.  A place she can finally talk to Grandpa again and give her own mom and dad and daughter a big hug.  A place the rest of us here need to wait a bit longer to get to.

There was something my Grammy would always say. 

She'd say, "Don't say good-bye.  It sounds too permanent.  Say: So Long -- because I'll see you again!"
Indeed Grammy. 

And, so...this surely is not good-bye.

But, only 
 so long for now. 

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