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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rock Scissor Paper


A great classic childhood game.  Usually played between two people.  Your choices: 1) Either make a fist to be a 'rock' 2) Put out your middle and index finger to make a 'scissor' 3) Lay your hand out flat to make 'paper'.  Rules:  If one player puts out a 'rock' and the other puts out 'paper',  'paper' wins because it covers rock.  But, if the 'paper' is met with 'scissors', 'scissors' wins because 'scissors' cuts 'paper'.  But, alas, if the 'scissors' is combated with a 'rock', 'rock' wins because 'rock' crushes 'scissors'.  The game can go on for hours and it's always the luck of the draw, so to speak.

A great game for kids, but a game that can be seen among us older 'kids', too.  Some of us want to dominate.  Dominate our jobs, dominate relationships, dominate in well -- everything.  So we poise ourselves as the dominating object.  If we encounter a 'rock' person, we are like 'paper' over them.  If a 'paper' personality confronts us, we whip out our 'scissor'.  And, if we are met by 'scissor', we want to crush them with our 'rock'. 

For those that have played the 'game' long enough, they don't even have to think about it.  It's like a sixth sense.  They feel out the situation or the person almost subconsciously and poise themselves to be sure they are the dominating object.  It helps them feel secure.  It keeps them guarded and always with the upper hand. 

But, it's a dangerous game to play

because every child knows -- no matter how many times you win, at some point -- you will lose.  And, how crushing it will be when you do. 

May we put down our childish games and humble ourselves.

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