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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Traps & Crabs

Two things we should never play with Traps and Crabs.

But, we do.  We play with things and dance around the idea of things that ultimately are not meant to be played with and can only bite, snap and trap us in the end.

We play with adultery.  We think that the married man or woman we are with, though obviously OK with the idea of cheating and unfaithfulness to their spouse, will certainly be faithful to us.  We swim in the river of De-nile. 

We play with gossip.  Who's to say that the neighbor you are whispering with will not be whispering about you as soon as you turn and walk away?  We are lying to ourselves if we think they aren't.

We play with pornography, shoplifting, illegal business...

In the thrill of its taboo, we lose sight of how able they are able to ensnare us and hurt us.

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