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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Don't Kiss Me, I Just Ate Onions

For many of us, we aren't comfortable interacting with people when we don't feel good about ourselves.

We might avoid going out until our hair and make-up are in place.  We don't want anyone to see us when we are 'not put together'.  We might keep to ourselves or even shut off if our minds or emotions are in a funk.  We don't want people to see through us.  We only want them to see our 'smiley days' when we have our act together.  We might avoid physical contact with people if we don't feel comfortable with our own physical body.  It has nothing to do with the other people.  It has everything to do with ourselves.

Our spiritual confidence is no different.  When we feel good about ourselves with God we have no problem interacting with Him.  But, if we carry guilt or shame, we will probably avoid looking up.  We keep our distance.  We keep Him at arms length.  We aren't comfortable approaching Him.  We aren't comfortable letting Him touch us. It has nothing to do with Him.  It has everything to do with how we feel about ourselves. 

Some try to make themselves feel better with God.  They might say in their hearts, "I'll get myself cleaned up.  I'll love more.  I'll promote peace.  I'll feed the poor.  I'll give my money.  I'll say repetitious prayers in hopes that it will be enough to appease my conscience.  And when I feel good about myself, then I will feel better about getting closer to you."

But, here is where the dilemma is:

We can not clean up ourselves. 

Nope, not one bit.  And, even if we try, it is like putting perfume on a rotting dead body.  Our sin is a stench in His nostrils. 

But, here's the good news.  No, we can't clean ourselves, but we do have access to a Royal Bath.  God stands there with His Soap and Wash Cloth and says, "Come on, son.  Come on, daughter.  Let's get you washed up and get some clean clothes on you.  And, then, no matter how you feel about yourself, you can know that you are completely presentable to Me and can draw near - - with confidence."

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