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Friday, September 30, 2011

Too Busy To Laugh

I went out for breakfast with my husband this morning.

I loooove our morning dates.  There's nothing like starting the day with my best friend and a cup of coffee.  Our conversation started out with small chats of this and that and some scheduling and administrative sort of things. 

But, then we got beyond business. 

Our conversation took a sudden turn down humor lane.  And, suddenly, it became one big stand up comedy routine as we joked about life and our observations of people, society and ourselves.  I started to laugh so hard I was bent over in my chair right in the middle of the restaurant -- holding my mouth closed to help silence myself, only to sit up and roar again with laughter -- almost choking on my eggs over medium.  I just couldn't help myself.  And, honestly, it felt so good to laugh, I didn't want to stop. 

As we were leaving the restaurant I said, "Gosh, honey.  I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard.  I've just been too busy to laugh."

And, that's when I stopped and heard myself.


What has life become that I have so much to do that I am too busy to laugh?

It's like a baker who works hard all day long but never stops and savors the sweetness in front of him.  Or, a man who has built his house, but is too busy to stop and sleep in it and enjoy the work of his hands. 

Being busy isn't a bad thing.  But, we must be careful that it does not rob us. 

Have you been too busy to laugh?

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