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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Dare You

What would life look like if we completely chose not to worry?

Is it even possible to go a day without worrying in some way?  For many of us, worry has such a prominent place in our lives that it's become a normal feeling.

I remember one day, I went through most of the day not being mentally stressed or worried about anything and the thought actually came to me:"This feels weird. I should be concerned about something right now, right?" Having a peaceful heart and mind actually felt abnormal. Surely there was something out there that needed my worrying -- as if somehow worrying contributes or helps a given situation.  In reality, of course, it does not.

But there is one thing that I can do.

Our Father tells us not to worry about anything.   Let me say that again.... ANYTHING.

But, instead -- Pray.

Prayer replaces worry.  Worry can't contribute but prayer can.   Worry doesn't bring Peace but prayer does.   Worry doesn't change things but prayer absolutely will.

So, I dare you.   I dare myself.
Instead of worrying today, let's channel every anxious thought into communion with a Dad that loves us and is there for us. 

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