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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Formulas & Conclusions

I remember them well...  Physics class, Geometry, Algebra.  Classes I took in high school that helped to label and put into words and equations the things in our natural world.

What I think is so interesting about the study of science and math is that all these things existed and had their 'rules and laws' well before we defined them.  And, that is all we did.  We didn't go and make the rules and then ask the natural world to fit our formulas.  We discovered and studied it first and found out the truth about it. Then, we defined it, explained it, and made our formulas.  We didn't ask nature to fit what we think it should be.

Interestingly, though, many of us have not taken this approach with the spiritual world.  We have come to our own conclusions about who God is, the way He feels about us, His Character, His Love, and even His Judgement and how to get to Heaven.  We have made our own formulas about something we have not even understood the Truth about ourselves.  And, what is worse, we have gone and told others about it and have taught it as if it was the Truth.

How is it that we would not attempt to make nature's rules, but we think we can make our own spiritual rules? 

We can not.

Truth is Truth.  It existed long before man. 

And, if we are wise, we will do as we have done with science and math...  we will first seek out the Truth.  The One.  The Way.  The Life.  We will not make our definitions and formulas and ask Him to 'please fit nicely in my box'.  But, we will first discover Him, and allow Truth to define Himself to us.

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