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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beyond the Rules

I'd say I'm a rule follower.

I stop at red lights.  I pay my taxes.  I  buckle my children properly when driving in the car.  I like doing what is right.  It not only is important in society, but it makes me feel good and it helps me feel secure that no one can accuse me of doing something wrong.

I think it's commendable and it pleases God when we obey the law of the land.  So, I carry that rule-following mentality into my relationship with God.  I want to 'get it right'.  I want Him to be happy with me.  I want to win His favor and never be accused of getting it wrong.  How tragic that would be!  What would happen if I lost God's favor in my life?  Would He leave me?  Would He stop providing for me?  Would something bad happen as a result of my wrong doing?  Would He just disown me and stop loving me?  And, then what would I have to do to gain it back?  How many rules would I have to follow and for how long to win His Love again? 

It turns into a horrible place of insecurity with God.  I base how much He loves and accepts me by how good I have been that day.  If I have volunteered to help the needy, surely God loves me more today.  But, if I don't do what I think I should be doing, I place myself outside of God's acceptance.  I condemn myself -- even before finding out His feelings on the topic.  The bottom line is, I'm looking at me, not Him.  I'm judging myself rather than letting God have the final say on it.

And, when I do find out what He thinks, this is what He tells me.  This is His Song over me...

"You have already won my heart.  There is nothing that can separate you from the Love of God in Christ Jesus.  There is nothing that is too big that I can not forgive through my Son and His sacrifice for you on the cross.  Rules are for religion.  Grace is for relationship.  I love you.  And, you are accepted not by what you have done, but what my Son has already done for you.  And, that is the bottom line."

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