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Friday, June 13, 2014

Notes On Your Cork Board

Many people use cork boards to communicate with the people in their household.  Families may hang one in their kitchen as a general communication station.  Moms may pin to-do lists for her kids and husband.  Reminders of the weekend's events can be found up there.  And "Don't forget your lunch!" might hang in big bold letters for the one that is forgetful every morning.  It's there for all to see every time they walk by.  It keeps things in eveyone's constant vision so they can be mindful about it -- even throughout the day.


There are days I just can't shake certain people out of mind.  For what would seem like no apparent reason, I have a name or a face of a person or family just floating around in my heart and mind. 

I started to think how strange this was.  Why in the world would I be thinking about my trash man all day?  I don't even know that woman in the grocery store and she hasn't left my mind since I saw her in aisle four.  I haven't spoken to my great aunt in 10 years.  Why is she suddenly floating around my heart so much?

And then I realized it.  God is pinning things to my 'cork board'.  The invisible one inside my heart.  It's not me putting those thoughts there.  It's God.  Like little notes tacked to a kitchen cork board, He drops 'notes' onto my heart cork board.  Things that read: 

  • "That loud neighbor down the street." 
  • "The Italian family at church"
  • "Your friend: She's going on a trip this weekend"

What God is doing is including me in on what's going on and showing me what needs prayer. I used to try to ignore it, but now I realize that I should be paying close attention to them.

Some days, I wake up and there will already be three notes attached to my cork board along with pictures of people or events or situations.  Some days, I'll just be doing the dishes or sorting the laundry and I suddenly have a new note show up on my board. 

And, I definitely don't think I'm alone.  I've heard of stories of people who can't stop thinking about their friend, for example.  Their name is pinned to the cork board of their heart for a whole day.  When they realize it, they turn their thoughts for their friend into prayers for them.  Then they come to find out later on that their friend was in a situation that really needed prayer right about the same time the note was pinned to their friend's cork board.

Is God pinning things to your cork board?  Take a closer look at the thoughts whirling around your head during the day.   It could be that God is adding things to your cork board that need attention.

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