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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Getting Ready for the Baby

They say it's an instinct.  They say it's a natural feeling.  That crazy urge pregnant women get to have their home and their lives in order before the baby comes.  We call it nesting.  Some husbands may call it craziness as they watch their pregnant wives suddenly become cleaning ninjas.  The dirt that never bothered them before is now suddenly screaming at them.  The clutter around the house is calling their name.  Their to-do list has tripled and things that have been put off for so long have now become priority.   "All the curtains must come down and get cleaned!" they announce.  "I need to get those floor boards done today.  Honey, have you taken care of that broken cabinet in the kitchen, yet?  The baby will be here and we need to be ready!" 

Yes, I admit it.  When I was pregnant with my two girls, I became one of those pregnant cleaning ninjas and my poor husband got sucked right into my frenzy.  There was an urgency in me to get ready for the new and precious bundle that was about to come into our lives.

I'm finding that a similar thing will happen in our walk with God.  Maybe we are nearing a new season of our lives with Him.  A 'baby' (or 'babies') are about to be born.  He knows it is near, so He begins His own 'nesting' with us. 

  • He begins to prep our hearts with an expectancy.  We start to see Him more and more as the Giver of Good things and the God of Breakthrough. 

  • He tweaks our priorities.  We find ourselves more hungry for His Presence and run to spend more time with Him. 

  • The need to hear His Voice becomes more pressing.  We take more time in the Silence to catch His every Word.  We take more time in Scripture.  We look for a timely Word. 
  • He points out areas in our lives/hearts that need some Spring Cleaning.  Maybe it's things we have ignored up to this point, but God is shining a brighter Light on them now.  Maybe it's personal sin issues or issues we have with other people.  We find ourselves wanting to repent and be clean.  We have an urge to go and make it right with those folks we have issues with and bring ourselves in alignment with God.

And the Nesting will overflow into the natural.  There may be things that must physically be cleaned out and changed to make way for the New Season.  For example, maybe God has plans to make a husband and wife foster parents.  The couple may suddenly feel the need to clean out that spare bedroom.  It's been untouched for years, but God puts it on their hearts to get in their now and get it ready.

Is God prepping you for something New?  Are you feeling the 'Nesting' of God?  Move with Him as He moves you into this Season.  Be ready to obey.  Be open to the Impossible.  Lean in closer -- like a child hugging his Father as they are about to jump into the air together.  Remember, you are being included in HIS Plan.  Position yourself and trust Him fully.

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