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Friday, June 6, 2014

Let Your Face Touch the Water

The first time was the scariest.  How unsure I was on my first dive into the pool.  It's not that I had never felt the water before.  I had done plenty of swimming.  The challenge this time, though, was to go face first into it.  And that was a very different thing than what I was used to.  But, the curiosity of it was stronger than my fear. 

So, I placed myself at the edge of the pool and with a deep breath said, "Ready.... Set..... "  and then  froze.  Uncertainty took over.  I backed up.  I waited another moment.  Then tried it again at the pool's edge. "Ready.... Set..... " and stopped myself. 


God is ever calling us to deeper Waters.  No matter where you are in your Walk with Him, there are always deeper Waters to be explored in Him, greater intimacy to be had with Him. 

When we first started out, we may have only splashed around on the shore of His Waters/His Presence.  But, then His Voice called us out farther,"Come away with me..."  So we walked out a bit further and waded in His Presence.  "Come away with me..." He called again.  And we found ourselves carried along by His Current.  "Come away with me...Come away with Me....."  We swim out even farther.  We trust Him as we make ourselves more and more vulnerable with Him. 

Then we hear His tender call, "Now, come away with me...and let your face touch the Water."  It's the Place of greatest intimacy where we lose ourselves in Him.  The Place where we no longer pull away from His Kisses, but immerse ourselves in them instead.  It's the Place where Freedom is coupled with Security.  It's the Place we actually have longed for but may not have known how to get there.  It's the Place where we touch our Daddy's Face.  It's the Place where Lovers want go.

But, just like my first time jumping in the pool face first, we may shy away from such intimacy with God.  Being vulnerable can be a scary thing -- especially if we have had negative experiences in life with it.  We don't want to let our guard down.  We are fearful of what may happen if we let ourselves go.  But our Lover never pressures us.  Though He longs intensely for us, He remains a Gentlemen with us.  He gently comes as we give Him our nod and let Him in. 

Can you hear Him calling you?  "Come away with Me and let your face touch the Water.  Come away and let me soothe your aching heart.  Come away with me and be immersed inside my Love.  For my Love is pure.  My Love is tender.  And my Love longs to meet you Face to face."

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