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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I Got Ya Covered

Eating outside can be so enjoyable.  A picnic in the park.  A backyard BBQ.  A tailgating party before the game.  Especially when the weather is cooperating, it can be a favorite summer past time for many of us.  The only downside to it all are the flies that come by to check out the grub.  As much as you try to shoo them away, they keep comin' back for more -- and bringing friends with them!  Grr!  Instead of relaxing and enjoying the company you're with, you find yourself distracted and focused on getting the flies off your food and everyone else's.  Flies not only end up dirtying your food, they ultimately steal away your fellowship and time.

But many people have discovered that there is something you can do to help avoid all this -- cover it!  How logical.  How simple!  Some grab napkins.  Some take another plate and flip it upside down on the food.  Others buy plastic dome covers that are placed over each dish.  And still others have found a way to completely cover the whole table in a giant net!  Through the simple act of covering it, everyone can now relax and enjoy their time.

Our prayers have a similar effect. When 'Flies' like worry or fear (or anything else that comes to steal and distract us) come and want to make themselves at home in our lives, there is actually something we can do about it.  We don't have to just sit there and let them feast and steal.  Shooing them away in our own strength won't help but picking up the 'covering of prayer', will.  Prayer protects us.  Prayer puts angels into action and the Enemy is blocked.

Prayer puts a covering on our 'food' but here's something that is equally as awesome.  We can cover other people's 'food', as well.  Just this morning I was praying for a family I know.  I was burdened deeply for them and I sensed that they were extremely vulnerable to the enemy.  As I was praying, God showed me that my prayers were covering them from all the 'flies' swarming around them, just like someone covering a dish of food.  He was encouraging me that my prayers are highly effective.  My prayers are not falling on deaf ears.  My prayers are powerful and accomplishing things I can't see.  They are protecting.  And they are indeed covering.

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