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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

In Love With The Audience

What if God took away your audience as you served Him?

Maybe you're a writer.  What if people stopped reading your work? 
Maybe you're a musician.  What if you only played or sang to empty rooms?
Maybe you're a giver.  What if everyone ceased knowing you were?

Answer honestly.

Would you still write?  Would you still play and sing?  Would you still give?  No one is watching now.  There is neither pressure to perform nor the support of others to validate it.  It is just you and your God.  What happens next when all is stripped away?

Do you feel relieved?  Maybe you only did what you did because you felt pressured to. 

Or, do you feel worthless now?  "What's the point?" you might say, "without the nod and praise of others?"

It's a question of the heart and your motivation.  If you are looking to man to affirm you, then this scenario would wreck you.  But, if you are living to please Him, it wouldn't matter much to you at all.

When a man is in love with a woman, it doesn't matter if he loves her for all to see or if he loves her in private.  His heart is not caught up in who's watching, it's caught up in the Beloved he's looking at.  An audience doesn't change his affection.

Are you in love with HIM or in love with the audience?

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