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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Vertical & Horizontal

The Carpenter was at it again. He was creating something New. He placed the wood on the table.

Looking over at me, He said, "Watch."

He carefully sawed the wood and crafted it perfectly into two large planks.

"What can God do with just two pieces of wood?" He asked me.

I could not respond.

"Much." He said.

He placed one plank vertically in front of Him.

Looking at me again He said, "Love is vertical -- from Heaven to earth and then back to Heaven again."

He paused and looked at the wood.

Looking at me again, He said, "When the plank is raised up, it is Heaven's Love that holds it in place, not earth's effort."

Then he reached for the second plank. I was amazed at how strong His arms and hands were as He gently placed it horizontally across the first plank into the form of a cross.

"The vertical Love will naturally flow through the horizontal to others." He said. "The horizontal cannot produce Vertical Love on its own."

Then I looked around and there were no nails or glue to hold the wood together.

"What will you hold the vertical and horizontal together with, Lord?" I asked.

With a smile on His face, He looked at me once more and said, "Myself."

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