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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I understood the concept more as I spent time in elementary music classes during my year of student teaching in college.  I didn't come in with my own agenda.  I didn't introduce myself to the teacher and let her know what I'd like to see happen.  I walked in with the mentality of "I'm here to learn and follow what you are doing."  She was the one in charge, not me.

I was learning to follow.

I honestly forget sometimes that God is a real Person with real Thoughts, real Plans, real Ideas and real Opinions.  I picture Him like this far off Spirit that is detached and removed from what is really happening here on earth and specifically in my life.  I'm like the ignorant teenager that says, "Dad, you just don't understand.  You are so out of the loop."

That perception of Him affects everything about my relationship with Him.  It greatly affects how I talk to Him.  My prayers are formed around the idea that He has no idea what is going on.  My requests are small because I question if He even sees and hears. 

But, God is doing a work in my heart.  He's helping me see that He is not only fully aware of all my comings and goings, He is actively working in them!  He is a God with His own Ideas.  I mean, He is, after all, the one that created all things (including me), and He has Ideas and Plans for the things He has breathed Life into. 

The more I grab a hold of that concept, the more I remember my time as a student teacher again.  I remember that He has been running His Classroom for well, forever now, and He is inviting me to see, learn and follow what He is doing and going to do.

When I realize, too, that all His Plans for me are Good and He is working all things for the Good, the more I want to humble myself and say, "God, thank you for actively working Your Plan and Ideas in my Life.  You do understand.  You do see what is happening here on earth.  You are fully aware of my circumstances and understand my heart.  Thank you for caring and being so close to my everyday life.  Show me your Ideas.  Show me what You are doing.  I will trust.  I will follow."

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