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Friday, April 19, 2013

A Chance of Thunderstorms

I hate being unprepared when a thunderstorm hits.  Maybe I didn't get a chance or forgot to watch the weather report that morning.  Without warning, I'm suddenly looking around for a place to take shelter.  Ugh.

Our trials can come upon us like unexpected thunderstorms.  They blind-side.  They come without warning.  We are left feeling vulnerable and looking for a place to take Shelter.

Some have not considered up to this point that they would ever need a Shelter.  Maybe the Weather Report of their lives has been "Sunny with a light breeze".  How startled they are, then, when the Weather changes.  They do not even own an Umbrella.

But, for those who have found the Refuge, they do not fear any Weather Report.  They have come to understand that they not only have an Umbrella to take cover under, they have a Mountain in which to find Great Shelter in.

The good news is that the Shelter never closes its Doors.  It is available for those with and without an umbrella.

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